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Kirkwood History

The Kirkwood History

The Kirkwood family started on a plantation owned by James Kirkwood in French Camp, Mississippi, Choctaw County. Isaac Kirkwood was a slave on this plantation with a wife and 3 or more sons.

By 1865 when the slaves were “freed” the ownership of this plantation was in the hands of James Kirkwood’s daughter, Chelsea Kirkwood. The slaves were freed by her and was given the option of taking the Kirkwood name or one of their choosing. Isaac chose the Kirkwood name along with his sons. They were given 160 acres which allows us to believe there were more than one son. As of the year 2016, 10 of those acres are still in the Kirkwood family. Our father, Andrew Lee Kirkwood was born in the old Master house which burned down about 20 years.

Nine children were born to Andrew Lee Kirkwood and Channie Ann Lucas-Kirkwood. This website was created as a memorial in remembrance of the descendants and those no longer with us. If you believe you are a direct relative, please feel free to send your information to our contact email in this website. Make sure to document the details and include a picture (.jpg, .png, .gif files accepted only). We will research your information and if confirmed, welcome you to join our family tree.

Andrew Lee Kirkwood*
BirthFebruary 22, 1901
Died August 3, 1993
FatherPeter Kirkwood* – born 1873
MotherElla Kirkwood Shannon*
SiblingsChannie Shannon*
Stella Shannon* (half-sister)
GrandfatherCato Kirkwood
Great grandfatherIsaac Kirkwood – born 1810 in Georgia
Channie Ann Lucas-Kirkwood*
BirthJune 30, 1907
Died December 28, 1988
MotherKatie Smith Lucas-Hearn*
SiblingsMolly Edwards*
Rosie Howard*
Children of Andrew and Channie and their spouse
Andrew Kirkwood, Jr.Wanda Kirkwood
Katie Octavia Cox*Eddie Lee Cox*
Leroy Kirkwood*Dorothy Kirkwood*
Helen Joy JordanJames Jordan*
Thelma Lee JordanAugustus "Cook" Jordan*
Christine Dodson*Joe Dodson
Stella Louise JohnsonJohn Johnson
Rosella Porter*Joseph Porter
Sarah Catherine MobleyJames Edward Mobley

? Location unknown

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